4 Advantages of Buying a New-Build

When buying a new home, whether it’s for the first time or you’re a seasoned property-ladder climber, exciting times lie ahead. Where do you see yourself living? Are you extending the family? Or are you looking for somewhere to retire? Either way, there are many questions to be asked and answered. One of the most important questions is this: will you be buying a new-build home or a previously lived-in property? Of course, there are benefits and problems with both, as with anything in life. But today, we want to discuss some of the key advantages to buying a new-build.

Here at CB Homes, we specialise in self-builds (turn-key service included!) and brand new housing developments. So, we may be a little biased in our preference to new builds. However, we aren’t ‘bulk builders’; we take exquisite care in designing and building our bespoke developments and always put quality first. Of course, buying an older home can be rewarding but if you’re confused about which route to go down, we can offer our advice. So, let’s discuss some of the greatest advantages to buying new-build!

Why buy a newly built home? Here are some reasons

1.No chain

Perhaps one of the most annoying parts of moving home is the dreaded ‘chain’. This refers to the chain of homeowners who are waiting to either move into your old home or move out of your new home. And of course, there’s not always a guarantee of how long this chain might be or how long it will last. However, buying a new-build home from a reputable builder means no chain. Hurrah! That said, you should consider the build time if your chosen property has not yet been completed. But once it is ready for you to move in, you won’t be waiting around for other people and their lawyers.

2. A clean slate

If you take pride in your property’s appearance, a new home is much easier to customise to your own personal preferences and tastes. Although an older property can have character, it can sometimes be slightly tarnished by the existing owner’s taste. A new-build can often be designed with your preferences in mind too, such as the kitchen tiles and carpets. But even if you miss out on choosing your own detailing, new-builds are usually built to a neutral colour scheme with simple, modern fittings to appeal to a wider audience. So, you’ll be able to start making it your own without worrying about a tasteless wallpaper or questionable carpet!

3. Energy efficiency

It’s common knowledge that new builds tend to be much more energy efficient than older homes. Modern builds come with all the top features: double glazing, cavity walls and improved insulation to name a few. And of course, we all know what comes with better energy efficiency… reduced utility bills! Builders are held to much higher standards than they previously were, so it’s important to gain that impressive energy performance certificate and give new homeowners peace of mind.

4. Easier to maintain

Although snagging lists can sometimes put people off buying new-builds, they often forget the long-term implications of an older property. Your builder has a responsibility to ensure that your brand new property is up to scratch; these types of homes typically come with a 10-year warranty provided by the NHBC. Once any snags have been fixed, it’s likely that your new build will be much easier to maintain and less in need of repairs than an older property. Think of it as buying a brand new car… and compare that to buying a 10-year old car!

Why buy from CB Homes

So, we’ve outlined the general reasons to consider a newly built home. However, we think that compared to a lot of builders, we stand out from the rest. Here are our favourite reasons you should consider buying a new-build with us:

  • We’ve received awards from the Federation of Master Builders, the National House Building Council and the Local Authority Building Control.
  • We put our customers first – you’ll deal with the same small team from start to finish of your buying process.
  • Our dedicated Site Managers ensure that your move-in day is as smooth as possible and you can settle into your new home in the best possible way.
  • We have a dedicated Snagging Team and Aftersales Team who will continue to be there for you long after your move-in day!
  • The environment is important to us: we aim to retain, reclaim and recycle as much material as we can during our building processes.
  • Since 1981, we’ve been building award-winning homes – but we always avoid the ‘identical rabbit hutch’ look that new builds are often criticized for. Each of our developments is distinctly unique and charming.