The CB Homes’ Guide to Moving House: Our Handy Tips

So you’ve paid your deposit, the contracts have been exchanged and the keys are handed over. Now, it’s time to get moving. The whole process of moving house can be an arduous one but it’s also very exciting! If you plan ahead and get organised, you can greatly reduce any impending stress. Keep reading for our top tips and tricks for moving.

Ask around for materials you can use

You’re going to need boxes. And lots of them. When you’ve got your moving date, start asking around for the items you’ll need. Local supermarkets and shops are always throwing out spare cardboard so it’s worth investigating. You’ve got enough costs on your plate – never mind adding to them with boxes you’ll use once! Stock up on tape and marker pens, too. It’s handy to be organised; mark your boxes with either the room they’re designated to or what the contents are.

Be savvy with your time and ruthless with your ‘stuff’

Don’t leave it all until the last minute. Of course, this may seem obvious, but with so many things to do in the run-up to moving day, you’ll need to manage your time well. Start a few weeks in advance, slowly boxing up items you don’t use often along with decorative pieces and seasonal clothing. Your collection of books, DVDs, fancy cooking equipment and your holiday accessories are unlikely to be a necessity during this stressful period of time. Save yourself the hassle and box them up early on, making sure to declutter anything you don’t really want anymore. Remember, whatever you pack up, you’ll have to unpack. If it’s really not got any value or purpose in your life anymore, take it to the charity shop or throw it away!

Work your way around the home sensibly

Let’s be real. There’s no point in packing up your microwave, kettle and work clothes as soon as you’ve had your offer accepted. Start by boxing up things you don’t use very often, as we mentioned earlier. Our advice would be to tackle the garage or garden shed first. Then, you can move onto the spare bedroom, the study, the loft… the list goes on. If you really don’t have any rooms that can be completely cleared out until the last minute, try emptying them slowly by only keeping out necessities that you can’t live without. For example, you can’t pack your toothbrush and hairdryer first but you’re not likely to need the collection of perfume and nail varnishes in the cupboard.

Put together a ‘first-night’ essentials box

If you’ve not already thought of this, you can thank us later! With all the excitement of settling into your new home, it’s not uncommon to have a last-minute panic. “We’ve got no tea bags!” “Did someone get milk?” “I’ve packed my toothpaste somewhere and can’t find it!” We’ve all heard these types of complaints on the first night in a new house. But creating a designated ‘first-night’ box will solve all your problems. Here’s what we recommend putting in:

  • Disposable cutlery and plates
  • Everyone’s favourite mug
  • Tea-making stuff and milk
  • Phone chargers
  •  Bin bags
  •   Toilet roll
  • Pet food and bowl
  • Scissors/penknife for unpacking
  •  Change of clothes for everyone
  • Towels
  •   Mini toiletries including toothbrush and toothpaste!

Of course, these are just the basics. It’s up to you how much or little you pack for your first night in the new home… but one thing’s certain: no-one will judge you for eating chips surrounded by boxes. Happy new home!