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Design and Build Service

You would like to build your own home, have all the input and choices but do not want the hassle of managing the project?

Our Turn Key service covers everything from initial free consultation through to design, site surveys, working drawings, planning and building regulation applications and complete site management.

We will liaise and consult with you throughout, so you can fully enjoy seeing your Self-Build dream come true.

On your behalf we will liaise with the planning authority, ensure that the application for your Self-Build is compliant and, if necessary consult with the local planning officer prior to making an application, to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.
All fees payable are part of your Self-Build contract and will be paid for by CB Homes Ltd.

Complete Input
Because your Self-Build is as individual as you are, we at CB Homes will always talk to you and keep you informed. Your input and involvement is paramount to us. There will be regular meetings to discuss all your ideas, choices and options and we will always keep you up-to date on the progress of your build.

Fixed Price Quote
When we quote for your Self-Build, we will do so on a Fixed Price basis.Everything involved in your Self-Build will be covered and provisional sums for items such as kitchen, tiling and sanitary ware will be included. If you should change your mind, we will give you a price and agree the variance with you.

Building Regulations Approval
On your behalf we will liaise with the local authority and any Application and Inspection fees will be paid for by CB Homes Ltd. as part of your Self-Build contract with us. And during the build we will ensure compliance with all your Building Regulations’ conditions.

Project/Site Management
CB Homes Ltd takes sole responsibility for the co-ordination and proper execution of your Self-Build project and one of our competent and experienced site managers will be assigned to your site.

We will hold regular project meeting with you and give you adequate notices of the latest dates by which we need to know about your choices of materials, instructions or any other information.

Fixed Price Quotation

When we quote for your Self-Build, we will do so on a Fixed Price basis.

Everything involved in your Self-Build will be covered and provisional sums for items such as kitchen, tiling and sanitary ware will be included. If you should change your mind, we will give you a price and agree the variance with you.


We can work from your existing architect’s drawings, or if you do not have any, provide you with all the drawings you need for the build of your new home.


We are an A1 registered member of the National House Building Council (NHBC). Membership is voluntary, but the NHBC carries out commercial and technical assessments of every applicant prior to confirming the status of Registered Builder.

As a Registered Builder we agree to comply with NHBC regulations and ongoing assessments. These are conducted at key stages throughout the building process and we cannot hand over a home until the NHBC has carried out their final inspection. The new home owner will receive a NHBC certificate to prove that this has happened.

Of course, we also comply with Council Building regulations; which means that every one of our homes has been approved twice: once by the NHBC and once by the local Council.

For more detailed information please see the NHBC website.

NHBC Buildmark Warranty
Every one of our homes is covered by the NHBC 10-Year Buildmark Warranty.

This Warranty is an insurance policy, protecting the home owner against NHBC specified risks. However, it does not, for example, cover general wear & tear or damage from failure to maintain the property.

The Buildmark Warranty is not a legal requirement, but valued by all mortgage lenders because it proves that the property has been built to very high construction standards. These standards take Building Regulations, British Standards and the NHBC’s own records of defects into account.

The Warranty is always applied and paid for by CB Homes and is part of the purchase contract.

FMB Membership
CB Homes is a member of the Federation of Masterbuilders (FMB). This trade organisation for small and medium-sized UK building firms promotes professionalism and high quality workmanship. Only builders who can prove their skills and good business standing are accepted as members.

To become a member we had to, for example, allow the FMB to collect references about us and had to prove that sufficient public liability and employer’s liability insurances are in place.

We are registered to offer the FMB’s Master Bond Warranty. Please talk to us if you are interested in this.

FMB Trust Mark
The Trust Mark Scheme is part of the Government’s effort to promote high standards in the building trade. Any builder or trader, accepted under this scheme, has proven to be reputable and willing to comply with the high standards set by the Government and Council bodies

The FMB is the first trade body to be endorsed by the Government as an Approved Scheme Operator and to receive the Trust Mark licence.


On completion of your new home, you will be given our comprehensive Handover Manual. It provides information on all aspects of the build, warranties and instruction manuals for all installed appliances.


You might already have a plot of land or are in the process of purchasing one.  In any case, we are happy to discuss any queries you might have regarding your building plot, at no charges to you.

This could be about its suitability for your chosen design or on the chances of obtaining planning permission.

If you are looking to purchase land go to Start Your Self Build Journey Here and see how we can be of assistance to  you.

However, you might have a plot of land that could be potentially suitable for development. Click here for more information on Land Acquisition. 

Customer Charter

CB Homes Ltd’s Customer Charter sets out our commitment to you, our customer, to provide Service, Procedures and Information at appropriate stages during the purchase and occupation of your new home.

It confirms that we have adopted the principles and good practice of the Consumer Code.

1 A hard copy of our Customer Charter will be automatically given to you when you reserve a property.  Alternatively, please feel free to request one.Our Sales and Marketing Manager will give you further guidance and information if required.
2 We have Systems and Procedures in place to help ensure that we can give you the information and service to enable you to make a well-informed and enjoyable purchase and that you receive a good After-Sales Service.As the purchase proceeds, we will provide you with a flow of information to explain the purchase process and the details of your new home.On the day of hand-over, you will receive our comprehensive Home and Health and Safety Information Pack.
3 We will train our staff to understand their responsibilities in our dealings with you and what the Consumer Code means for you.
4 Our marketing and advertising will be clear and truthful. We will make sure all our marketing literature and advertisements comply with relevant laws and advertising codes
5 We will give you all the pre-contract information you need before you are expected to exchange contracts and we will write in plain language, without jargon, to help you make an informed decision about buying the property.We will provide you with the following information:

  • Terms of sale, including price
  • Details of the home, including land and communal areas, location, site layout, demarcation and boundary details
  • Sketch layout plan with approximate room sizes
  • Summary details of the type of construction of the house
  • Fixtures and fittings to be included
  • The type of heating system and number of radiators or outlets
  • Kitchen and bathroom layouts
  • Summary of external works and materials
  • Details of items that may not be finished before you buy the property, if applicable
  • Details of any costs or charges each year, where known, for which you will be responsible, if applicable


6 Our Sales and Marketing Manager, Mrs Claudia Wild, is responsible for dealing with any questions you may have at any stage during and following the purchase of your new home.  She can be contacted through our office on 01829 760 066
7 We will give you reliable information about NHBC Buildmark Cover and any other guarantees and warranties applicable.Your new home will benefit form the 10 year NHBC Buildmark Cover.  This is included as part of the purchase price of the property.Before date of entry, NHBC Buildmark Cover provides protection in the unlikely event that CB Homes Ltd becomes insolvent.

CB Homes Ltd, as an NHBC registered builder, will comply with its obligations in accordance with the NHBC rules, regulations and standards.  In the first 2 years after completion CB Homes Ltd will endeavour to repair defects accordingly.  Over the following 8 years NHBC Buildmark provides cover against the cost (subject to the minimum claim values and limitations shown in the policy document) of putting right any significant damage to the load-bearing structure and certain parts of the home, that first appeared during this period. NHBC Buildmark does NOT cover wear and tear of lack of maintenance.

You will find details of the cover in your own NHBC Buildmark document, which you will receive from us through your solicitor.

8 Building sites are dangerous and defined in law as “workplaces”.  We are legally responsible for the site where work takes place and must not, by law, allow access to the public.However, we understand that you may wish to visit to see your home while we are building it.  For your own safety, visitors to any of our sites must be accompanied by a member of staff at all times.When you make your appointment with us, we will let you know about the Health and Safety precautions that you and we must take before and during your visit.

Health and Safety considerations continue to apply when you are living on a development where construction work is continuing. We will give you health and safety advice to reduce, as far as possible, the risk of danger on an active construction site during the use of your home.

9 We will seek to ensure that you appoint a professional legal advisor to carry out the legal formalities of buying the property and to represent your interests.
10 Once you have decided to buy a property, we will give you a Reservation Agreement that clearly sets out the terms of the purchase.
11 The Contract of Sale, terms and conditions that we enter into with you will be clear and fair.  Your solicitor should make clear to you any applicable cancellation rights.Handover shall take place once the sale has been legally completed and all money is paid to us.  To avoid any delay and disappointment, please ensure that your solicitor and mortgage provider/lender is fully aware of your timetable and arrangements.
12 We will strive to give you reliable information about the timing of construction, legal completion and handover of the property.  Once a completion date is set, we will ensure that the transfer of ownership takes place; and that the functions and facilities of the property are demonstrated to you.
13 We will give you clear and accurate information in the contract-of-sale.If you have paid a reservation fee, this will be returned within 14 days, but we may have to make deductions to pay for expenses.
14 We will explain how we protect your contract deposit and how we deal with any other pre-payments.  If we receive other pre-payments from you, we will tell you how we will deal with them.
15 We hope there will be no problems after you have moved in to your new home, but our commitment to you continues after the sale has been completed.Our Sales and Marketing Manager, Claudia Wild will remain your point of contact, after Handover and date of entry, to report after-sales and snagging issues.We will repair defects in your home under the terms of NHBC ‘s Buildmark cover.  However, we are not responsible for problems caused by wear and tear, decorating and routine maintenance.  You are responsible for these items.

For emergency issues contact our offices on 01829 730 244.

By emergency we mean a problem that is, or seems to be an immediate danger to your property or to health, safety or security.  This does not include:

  • Anything caused by failing to follow operating instructions or taking of reasonable precautions
  • Fair wear and tear
  • Events such as storm damage that are outside the house builder’s control and normally covered by household insurance

Our Handover Manual gives details for emergency procedures.

16 If you are dissatisfied with any part of the service you have received from us under our Charter, please write to our Director, Colin Booth, CB Homes Ltd, 13 Portal Business Park, Eaton Lane, Tarporley, Cheshire CW6 9DL.
17 We will co-operate with your appropriately qualified professional advisors to sort out disputes.  You will need to write to us stating who you want to represent you; and giving details of his/her qualifications.