Summer’s Interior Design Trends According to Pinterest

With summer well on its way, the interior design industry is bursting with fresh ideas and inspiration. When it comes to trends, magazines and trusty experts have traditionally paved the way in revealing what’s hot. However, we’re seeing a massive rise in the influence of digital platforms such as blogs, email newsletters and perhaps the most important source of all: Pinterest. Here at CB Homes, we’ve been loving Pinterest to creatively present both our own interiors and trends from other sources. It’s exciting to connect with like-minded people and companies who have one common interest: interior design. In today’s blog post, we thought we’d put our knowledge to the test and reveal the biggest trends you’ll be seeing this summer. Because as always, a change in season is always the best time to spruce up your home and furnishings.

What’s hot on Pinterest?

We’ve taken to our favourite creative platform to round up all the best inspiration, tips and tricks when it comes to decorating your home this summer. However, we’ve also had a little peek at some of the biggest fashion and design magazines too because, well, what better excuse? So here’s what you should be considering if you want to up your style game at home:

Fringing and detailing

Image credit: (left), Anthropologie (right)

You’ll notice a common theme within this blog post and this is a great place to start. Minimal, clean lines are out. Detailing and texture is in! Fringing and tassels are going to be absolutely everywhere this summer. Look out for cushions, throws and lampshades particularly. It’s also worth noting that these types of textures are more effective in a variety of colours so don’t be afraid to clash a little. Anthropologie, Monsoon and Oliver Bonas are great retailers to start with if you want to achieve that rich, detailed bohemian but classy aesthetic.

Terrazzo and geometric tiles

Image credit: (right)

Now, this may come as a shock to those of you who remember this speckled, colourful material from the 70s. Well, that’s when it really reached its popularity peak but terrazzo has been around for centuries. The classic Italian flooring pattern was first created to use up old marble but it’s now a huge style statement. We’re not talking the dingy 1970 office style but a refreshed, modernised version. And you don’t just have to use terrazzo on the floor – wall tiles and table tops are becoming increasingly popular.

Bold, dark hues over light shades

Last summer, it was all about pastels. However, things have taken a sharp turn this year. We’re rebelling in colour; it’s time for bold hues to shine. We’re seeing a lot of dark greens and blues covering feature walls in Pinterest’s most stylish homes. Alongside this, furniture and statement pieces are seen in vibrant yellows and reds. In the picture above, you’ll see a navy wall with a dusky pink bed cover. This is a great, safe way to experiment with bolder colours if you’re not ready to completely commit yet. Essentially, the Pinterest users and interior designers of the world want you to go bold this summer. And we’re all for it!

Tropical and botanical prints

Image credit: Happy Interior Blog (left), Barker and Stonehouse (right)

Now, we all know that houseplants have been hot on the style radar for some time now. Whether you’re into succulents or spider plants, this interior craze has really taken Pinterest by storm. We’re seeing more and more indoor greenery than ever and now the trend has seeped into every aspect of our home. It’s time to show your love for plants and flowers in more ways than one. This summer, you’ll see bedding, blankets, wallpaper and even artwork all designed with one thing in mind: plants. From exotic tropicals right through to classic botanicals, there’s no limit with how you can style up this trend.

For everyday inspiration?

We understand that Pinterest and style magazines can often offer a far-fetched version of what the average home actually looks like. But there’s nothing stopping you from achieving these looks in your own way! The above trends can be used as sparingly or as full-on as you like. Why not start to introduce subtle accessories and smaller pieces before fully committing? And if you’d like some more everyday inspiration that can be used as a starting point for your home, be sure to check out the Inspirations section on our website.