4 Reasons That a Quality Kitchen is Important for Your Home

Here at CB Homes, quality is the core value in everything we do. Our builds, our drawings, our architects, our customer service – every little part of our business places massive importance on quality. But let’s not forget about the part after the build, the rooms in your house! Of course, it’s entirely up to you how you decorate your home and what type of interior design route you decide to go down. However, one thing’s for certain: it’s important to keep things high quality. You’ll thank yourself later down the line. Today, we’ve decided to discuss the importance of a quality kitchen in your home.
Here are just a few reasons that we think you should invest in a decent and long-lasting kitchen design.

Why is it so important for your kitchen to be of high quality?

1. The kitchen is the heart of the family home

First things first, the kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s the heart of your family time, the best place to enjoy cooking and a great space to entertain guests. Considering you use the kitchen for so many important purposes, it’s easy to see why you should invest time and money into it. However, don’t just focus on creating an aesthetically-pleasing room.

More importantly, your beautiful kitchen should be a practical space to use, with all the appliances and utensils that your family will need. It’ll make each moment you spend there much more pleasurable and memorable! And if the heart of your home doesn’t deserve to be invested in, what does?

2. You’re more likely to cook from scratch

We all know the benefits of cooking from scratch and homemade meals. Roast dinner made by mum, cakes baked by grandma or your uncle’s winning pie: all of these are amazing memories and parts of our childhood. But not only that, home cooking is nourishing for your body! So, why wouldn’t you want to create a high-quality space where you’ll actually enjoy cooking and baking? It’s a no-brainer if you ask us.

3. You can add more value to your house

If you take the time to make it right from the start, you’ll add value to your house later down the line. When you come to sell your home, estate agents and potential buyers will see a high-quality, stylish kitchen as a massive value booster. This is mainly because a kitchen renovation is such a big project. It’s easier to spruce up a living room or a bedroom with a lick of paint. However, a beautifully designed and practically fitted kitchen is much more valuable and impressive.

4. It’s crucial for a healthy, happy life

Now, this may sound dramatic. However, our kitchens are the one room of the house that we simply can’t go a day without visiting – aside from the bathroom, of course. We prepare our food here, get our daily water intake here and store our groceries here. If your kitchen is poor quality, you’ll definitely notice a decrease in your life quality. For example, a badly designed kitchen with hard-to-reach cupboards may prevent you from
cooking exactly what you want, or even worse, result in injury. Not only that, but an old, run-down kitchen may mean more germs, which is exactly the opposite of what you want in a food-prep area! It’s so important to invest in a practical layout, stylish cabinets that you’ll keep clean and adequate space to store and prepare groceries.

Fancy a new kitchen like the ones above?

All the room images we used in this blog post are from our kitchen supplier Puddled Duck. For more information on the company and to see some more fabulous kitchens, you can visit their website here.