Ultimate peace of mind, guaranteed

We take great pride in every project we embark on to ensure the end result is as pleasing to its new owners as it is to us. This level of pride, passion and professionalism is epitomised in our craftsmanship and build quality, which has been recognised by many local, regional and national awards.

CB Homes is an A1+ member of the National House Building Council (NHBC), registered builder with the Local Authority Building Control (LABC), as well as a member of the Federation of Master Builders. And each of our homes is backed by our unique and dedicated personalised approach to customer service. This ensures every CB Homes development delivers ultimate peace of mind to its new owner, long after we’ve handed you the keys.


The National House Building Council (NHBC) is the leading home construction warranty and insurance provider for new and newly-converted homes in the UK. The NHBC and their partner homebuilders are continually raising the standards in the construction of new homes, providing homebuyers with protection and extra peace of mind. CB Homes is an A1+ Member of the NHBC, the highest level possible.

The NHBC set guidance for all of their partner homebuilders, setting technical standards that design, craftmanship and materials must meet in order to be awarded their NHBC Buildmark warranty. Every home is inspected at set regular stages to ensure that build standards are complied with.

What is covered by the warranty?

While the total length of the warranty is 10 years, the first two years are covered by both CB Homes’ and NHBC’s warranty. This means that any faults that are covered under the warranty will be rectified by us, giving you additional comfort and peace of mind that we are with you, even after we have handed you the keys.

The NHBC 10-year Buildmark Warranty covers specified faults within designated parts of the home. For more detailed information and full exclusions and limitations on the warranties offered please visit www.nhbc.co.uk.

LABC Warranty

We aim to provide our clients with the best possible services and products and this is why we are now a registered LABC Warranty Builder.

The LABC Warranty works in partnership with Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and has been providing warranties for over 10 years All of their policies are underwritten by 'A' rated global insurers, ensuring you are securely protected for the duration of the policy. As with the NHBC, their cover is accepted by all leading UK mortgage lenders helping you secure finance easily.

What is covered by the warranty?

The warranty is valid for 10 years, with the first two years being covered by both CB Homes’ and LABC’s warranty. This means that even after we have handed over the keys we are still there for you.

But it is important to remember that the LABC warranty does not provide cover for “wear and tear” but for defects only. For more detailed information please visit www.labcwarranty.co.uk.

Who is the FMB?

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) is the largest trade association in the UK construction industry, continuously championing improvement within all aspects of the building industry. The FMB independently inspects and evaluates all its members ensuring they are providing and building to the FMB’s exacting quality standards.

What does the FMB do for you?

The FMB offers homebuyers assurance in the quality of the craftsmanship of new homes and other building projects. FMB members are professionally vetted and independently inspected on joining, allowing them to offer a warranty on their work. All FMB registered builders must undergo inspectors every 3 years to ensure that they meet the strict membership criteria of the Master Builder process.

The FMB goes beyond simple checks and ratings though. Instead, they independently inspect and vet members to provide credible proof of their quality. And they go further to provide ongoing training, contracts and warranty protection for the work. So as a client dreaming of a masterpiece, you're assured of a better experience, because building better means building trust. So, as a homeowner when you select CB Homes you know you're working with the right people.