Converted to new-build

Pros and cons of self-build v conversion

It’s an age-old argument as to whether it’s better to start from scratch, or buy to renovate or extend. As to be expected, the answer depends on what you hope to get out of your home and how much money you have available for your project.

Many areas of the north west of England and Cheshire are expensive for land prices, so sometimes buying a property purely to secure the land is a viable option.  In cities land is scarce, so replacement dwelling or brownfield development is often the best option. Brownfield sites, where building has occurred before, but the properties have fallen into disuse and disrepair, are sometimes easier to develop than undeveloped greenfield areas.  

Surveying your options

Your options also depend on the extent to which you want to change the property structurally and aesthetically. Renovation and alteration costs can vary widely. If you’re going to make major structural changes to a building, it may make more sense to knock it down and start again, while with a conversion or extension to an existing property, you have a starting point that you can use as the canvas to create your ideal home.

There are some obvious advantages of newly-built homes compared to old houses. To begin with, new homes are usually more energy-efficient than older houses. They have been built to newer building specifications, using more modern building methods and materials, and have energy saving and conserving tech built into them. They’ll have better insulation, for example, incorporated from the outset – rather than older properties that may have had cavity and loft insulation added at a later date but may not be effectively insulated to the same extend as modern properties, and so not be as energy efficient to run.

Getting connected

New-builds will also have better digital telecommunication and state-of-the-art technology from the outset, such as internet plug-in points or electric car charging points. One day perhaps they will be installed in all new-build properties.

Newer properties, particularly if you’re working with construction experts like our designers at CB Homes, can incorporate the style and elegance of older properties, with the cutting-edge tech of modern-day living. Whichever option you are leaning towards, our specialists at CB Homes can use their years of experience to advise you on how to make the most of your property investment – be it new or renewed.