We’re Going to the North West Build It Live Show!

If you’re in the self-building or renovating game, there’s every chance you’ve heard of Build It Live. If not, you’re in for a treat. Build It Live is an immersive exhibition that really allows enthusiasts and traders get hands-on with the self-build process. Every year, the event makes three stops around the country: Kent, Manchester and Bicester. The 2-day exhibition will be taking place at EventCity in Manchester across the 17th and 18th of February. Tickets are available here. We’re also offering free tickets to anyone who gets in touch with us!

This exciting live experience is brought to you by Built It Magazine which is Britain’s longest-running self-build publication. The magazine offers expert advice, planning tips and design inspiration to their readers. So, it’s no surprise that their dedicated exhibitions are a must-see opportunity for any aspiring self-builders or renovators! If you’re a fan of the magazine, you’re certain to enjoy the event as it “replicates Build It in 3D”.

It doesn’t matter the scale or the complexity of the project you have in mind, we’re pretty sure that you’ll be inspired by Build It Live. Over 16,000 people visit the show every year and many travel far and wide to attend. It’s definitely not one to miss and it’ll certainly help you take that next step in your project.

What’s on offer at Build It Live, then?

We’re glad you asked. You can expect hundreds of suppliers who will be available across the two days to answer your burning questions and discuss opportunities with you. Alongside this, there are 1000s of products ready for you to browse and explore. Like we said earlier, it doesn’t matter the scale of the project, you’re guaranteed to find something practical and useful to you here. You’ll also have the opportunity to view plots around the country and get finance-related advice from professionals. If that wasn’t enough, there will be talks from real self-builders who are bursting to share their experiences with you. It could really be the inspiration you need to get on track. There are also plenty of seminars and workshops on offer which leads us to our next point…

We’re going to be there! It’s official. CB Homes are going to be attending Build It Live in the North West this year.

What can you expect from us?

Generally, we’re here to answer any questions from any prospective self-builders and visitors to the exhibition. In particular, we’ll be offering free advice for those looking to start their self-building journey. We can also help with initial preliminary costings if you’re keen to get started. How about you bring your drawings along? We can take a look and answer any queries or concerns you may have as well as giving expert opinions. Whatever questions you’ve got, whether they’re about plots or materials, we’ll be happy to answer them. And finally, you’ll get the opportunity to book future appointments for land values and self-build costings so that we can get you on track to start this exciting journey.

Get your tickets booked

Need we say anymore? Whether you’re considering heading down the self-build route or you’re a development extraordinaire, it’s not an event you should consider missing. As we mentioned, tickets are available from the website and we’re even offering free ones to those who contact us. And if you’re not local to the North West but the exhibition is something you’re interested in, perhaps consider heading to the South East or Oxfordshire-based shows to get your fix.

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