How to Let More Light into Your Home

As the scorching weather starts to tail off into an orange-hued autumn, we’re guaranteed to start noticing a dimmer natural light – both out in the open and inside our homes. The clouds prefer to cover the sky during the end of summer and we’ll probably even see a few more downpours, too. Unless this strange heatwave decides to stick around for another few months, the darker, colder months are hot on our tails. So, it’s about time we get prepared: how can we let more light into our homes? And what features will brighten up a dark room?

First, assess your home

Start by taking a walk around your home. Really try to get a sense for the atmosphere of each room – how does it make you feel? Is it opened-up or closed-off? Often, you’ll find that areas with more natural light feel more welcoming and enticing. However, sometimes there’s nothing nicer than a cosier, candle-lit room. But to fight off those winter blues, we need to make the most of natural light as much as we can! Make a note of anywhere that benefits from a good amount of light and any rooms that are problem areas.

Create an illusion using accessories

Shiny surfaces are your best friend when you want to open up a space. Placing mirrors opposite windows can help to reflect natural light around the room. But that’s not all… we’re talking about anything shiny, from chandeliers and gold doorknobs to metallic appliances and silver candlesticks. We especially love brass lettering decor that can add a touch of style but also brighten the place up. All of these things contribute to more impressive light reflection, and ultimately a brighter room.

Glass furniture gives you an advantage

The more solid furniture you’ve got, the more light will be sucked in. This is especially true if you have a lot of dark-coloured furniture and accessories. So, it’s a no-brainer that glass furniture like coffee tables and cabinets can really help to brighten a space up and continue that reflection illusion we spoke about earlier! If you can afford to invest in a glass coffee table or something similar, you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Change up your colour scheme

If a dark room is really becoming a problem for you, consider the colours in there. Are the walls painted navy or red? Is the furniture heavy, clunky and dark? Remember, dark colours don’t help a dark room. And to make matters worse, whilst absorbing any natural light, they also make a room appear smaller and more cramped. To open up a space and lighten things up, try changing the wall colours to a more neutral shade like cream, white or beige. Light greys and pastel colours work well too, if that’s your thing. Lighter coloured woods like beech, maple and pine instead of mahogany and walnut can add extra brightness to your home.

How do you like to add more light to a room?

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