Smart Technology Products To Use Around The Home

Let’s get familiar with smart tech

If you’re not into smart technology yet, now’s the time to get clued up. This phenomenon is everywhere now – from our offices to our homes. In today’s blog post, we’re going to run through some of our favourite smart tech products that are going to make your life a whole lot easier. And don’t worry if technology scares you! This post explains how to get familiar with the world of smart technology and just how to use these little gadgets. Keep reading to discover the top smart tech buys available on the market right now.

Virtual assistants

Ever wished you could plan your route to work (missing out traffic) or dress for the weather without having to make a Google search on your laptop or phone? Well, intelligent hands-free devices are smarter than ever and with a virtual assistant, you’ll never need to open up an app again. The most popular products on the market also have their own smaller and cheaper version if you don’t want to commit straight away to a full-size model. Each product has its own built-in virtual assistant that can talk to you and listen back. These clever little things will answer your questions, as well as follow any commands. For example, when you wake up you can ask your assistant to play an album for you on Spotify (they have built-in speakers!). They’ll also tell you what the weather’s going to be like today and how the traffic’s looking. Your mornings just got a whole lot easier. And in the evenings, you can ask your assistant how to finish off a recipe you’re trying out or where the nearest place to pick up some milk is. Handy!

Smart thermostats

Are you a sucker for keeping your bills on track? Don’t like to waste energy or walk into a cold house? Whatever your penchant when it comes to the heating, a smart thermostat will give you much more control than you’ve ever had. Essentially, the device is like any other portable thermostat that you might have seen before. Except for this time, you can connect it up to your phone or tablet (or any other device). Here’s what you can do with one:

  • Turn your heating on or off whilst you’re away from home
  • Multi-room control
  • Turn your hot water on or off (dependant on your system)
  • Feedback on how you use your heating
  • Protect your pipes during holidays
  • Connect up to your virtual assistant!

Bear in mind that smart thermostats are different from smart meters, which simply outline how much energy you’re using.

Security cameras

For those of you who are protective of your home and belongings, there’s no shame in having a little extra security around the place. If it gives you peace of mind, it’s worth it. Granted, some of you may already have cameras in place. However, there are now smart versions that can ramp up your security even more! Basically, when you install new smart security cameras you’ll be able to hook them up to an app on your smartphone or tablet. This connection allows you to do a whole range of things from monitoring your alarms and motion sensors to checking up on the dogs while you’re at work. Some models also come with built-in path lights and fobs to enter your home.

Interested in equipping your home with smart technology?

There’s never been a better time to get going with smart tech. All the major electrical stores have great deals and bundles year-round, but this time of year is especially exciting. As Black Friday and Christmas approaches, you couldn’t choose a better time to invest in your first gadget. If security cameras, thermostats or virtual assistants don’t quite make the cut, look out for smart bulbs, speaker systems and dimmer switches to make your home ultra-modern and ready for the future. And if you are thinking of building a new home, all of this (and more!) could be yours. Please get in touch with us today if you have any enquiries about building your own home and how to incorporate smart technology into this.