The Interior Design Trends of Spring/Summer 2019

As a company that builds homes, it’s a no-brainer that we’re interested in what goes on inside them, too. Although we’re not interior designers, we always like to see the choices our clients make when it comes to kitting out their home. It probably comes as no surprise, then, that we’re back with another interior design trends post – we’ll be predicting all the styles you’re going to see in stores and magazines this spring/summer. If you’re looking to spruce up your home in 2019 and want to be on-trend, look no further.

Textures are back in a big way

It seemed only right to start the blog post by remembering a trend from spring/summer 2018… and this one is here to stay for another year. Interior experts everywhere are predicting textures to be back in a big way. Flat, samey materials are just not going to cut it, we want to see varying textures from your bed sheets and your throws to your rug and your wall hangings. We’re thinking about embellishments for added intrigue and mixing up styles from linen and satin to rattan and brushed cotton.

The safari fashion theme spills over

Think neutrals, camouflage desert colours and natural materials: anything you’d find on safari, you’ll find here. We’re talking rattan and wicker alongside rust orange and beige. This trend has already made waves in the fashion industry and we’re expecting to see it everything in the interiors world this spring/summer. If you can picture it at a retreat in Kenya, then it fits in with this trend – accessories, bed linen, wall colours, the lot.

Yellow shades will be everywhere

You may have already noticed yellow creeping in. Since the start of 2019, high street stores and high-end brands alike have been showing off their love for bright yellows. We’re not complaining – the brighter the better! Whether it’s a delicate pastel hue you like or a rich mustard shade, feel free to splash it everywhere in your home this spring/summer. Great places to start are your bedding and home accessories for a no-commitment trial of the trend.

70s colours mix with Scandi lines

When you imagine a 70s interior, certain colours might come to mind. Bold pigments including turquoise, mustard, rust and reddy pinks were everywhere – and they’re set to be back in our homes again this year. Except for this time, they’ll be paired with the modern and clean lines we’ve come to love about Scandi design. This is essentially a refreshed Mid-Century trend combining the nu-minimalism of the Northern European regions.

Brave it with black

We’re expecting to see a lot of black across interiors in 2019, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Jet black furniture, fixtures, fittings panels, walls and floors are going to be a staple for interior enthusiasts. Don’t be scared of the trend, it’s like bringing back monochrome and leaving out the white! The great thing is, this will complement any other colour you already have and it’s easy to work with. We’re looking forward to seeing some bold bathrooms and kitchens in 2019.

Delicate neutrals are in this year

Although we’ll be seeing a lot of bold colours this year, it’s okay to go completely the other way if you’re not feeling brave. As well as rich yellows and jet blacks, interior experts are predicting that there will be a lot of delicate tones in magazines, shops and collections. From pastel pinks to sheer grey and simple cream, you can’t really go wrong with this trend. Imagine you’re dressing a princess – that’s how to dress your home with this trend throughout spring/summer.

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