What Do Today’s New-Home Buyers Prioritise? Here’s What

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What do new-build buyers prioritise?

Earlier this year, the NHBC published a collaboration of research with Savills that highlighted some interesting results about house buyers in the UK. More specifically, Savills and NHBC were focusing on the needs and wants of new-home buyers. With new-build homes on the rise in the UK, more than ever it’s important to see what potential purchasers are prioritising. And of course, here at CB Homes, we don’t just offer a self-build service but we also design and build beautiful property developments too. The difference is, each of our new-build homes is unique and bespoke. But that’s for a whole other blog post… Let’s find out the results of the Savills research and explore the findings.

What the survey found out

So, in a nutshell, the report showed some pretty unsurprising, but still interesting, results. There were some factors which were held as high priority by all new-home buyers. However, the majority of priorities differed between the varying circumstances of people buying new-builds. As we well know, there are no single demographics purchasing new homes. From growing families looking to upsize to first-time buyers just fleeing the nest, there is a great variety in purchasers. NHBC and Savills surveyed people from the under 25 age group to over 65s. And these varieties, obviously, influence individual priorities. In terms of universal priorities, over 59% of new-home buyers in the survey held ‘minimum maintenance’ as very important. The second most important priority to buyers across the spectrum was ‘new-home warranty’. An exception was first-time buyers, who felt that the Help to Buy scheme was the top priority when purchasing a new home.

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Take note…

Some other notable priorities included the appreciation of modern architecture and design along with the fact that there is no purchasing chain. As to be expected, purchasers in urban areas considered walking distance to amenities higher than parking arrangements. And vice versa, purchasers in suburban areas considered parking much more important than walking distance to amenities. When it comes to local amenities, different types of people hold different priorities. For example, local NHS services were most important to suburban buyers whilst rail or tram stations were most important to high-density urban buyers. In terms of specific types of purchasers and their priorities, 70% of downsizers voted minimum maintenance for their top spot. Off-street parking was most important for around 60% of both upsizers and relocators. As we mentioned earlier, first-time buyers (58% to be precise) see Help to Buy as their top priority.

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What you’ll get from a new-build CB Homes property

So, why are we so interested in this research? Well, as we touched on at the start of this post, we offer new property developments as well as our self-build service. It’s always interesting for us to learn about the preferences and habits of our potential customers! Our homes are built in beautiful rural and suburban areas across Cheshire and Shropshire. So, of course, we can always offer incredible locations, good parking arrangements and ample living space. Not to mention, modern design and tip-top fixtures and fittings are second nature to us! Not only that, but you’ll also get a 10-year NHBC warranty which each of our new-build homes, for that extra peace of mind. We’ll also ensure that you have a low level of maintenance for your new home, including the efficient dealing with of any initial snags. If you don’t believe, you can hear it straight from our current homeowners…