The Advantages of Self-Build: Why Choose a Turn Key Service?

Image credit – Jamie Knop

What is Self-Build?

As a company who pride ourselves on decades of experience in building the most beautiful homes, we like to think we have an idea. More often than not, we can so easily fall into the trap of monotonous developments or older homes simply for ease and low cost. However, self-build gives you the true freedom to create the perfect home for you.

Self Build is often used as an umbrella term for different methods of designing and building a home from scratch. The most literal meaning is when an individual will think up, design, plan and build a home themselves – taking control of the management of the site and sourcing of materials. This can be a low-cost route to take but means you will likely have a lot of prior knowledge and time to put into the project. There are also kit homes that are the property building equivalent of Ikea flat pack furniture! Of course, these are less flexible in terms of design but if you opt to ‘do it yourself’, you’ll still be in charge of site and project management – which includes getting your hands dirty.

Understandably, it might put you off if you think ‘self build’ means you have to build the home with your own hands! This isn’t the case and this is where CB Homes come in. You can be as involved as you’d like but the heavy lifting and complex paperwork will be completed by professionals such as ourselves. We can make your dreams of the perfect home come true without you lifting a finger – this is a Turn Key service and it’s what we offer here at CB Homes.

Flexibility and collaboration

As we mentioned, it’s completely up to you how involved you’d like to be! For example, one of our previous self builders wanted triple glazed windows in his home. He sourced these himself from Austria and even organised delivery. This same self builder also sourced his doors from Italy but used a Liverpool-based company for a bespoke staircase. The example here shows just how flexible the self build approach can be for both the client and the builders who are working for you. Think of it as a creative partnership with the same common goal: creating a beautiful, bespoke home perfectly suited to you and your family.

In terms of layout, clients are able to design their new home’s layout to suit their lifestyle and needs. Of course, our experts will be on hand to assist along the way and offer recommendations and ideas. However, it’s ultimately a collaboration between the self-builder and the self-build company. We’ll always be there with advice and help and it’s up to the client in terms of how far they want to go with certain factors, such as sustainability. For instance, if a client wants to incorporate sustainable elements into their home, we can easily work this into the project.

Turn Key homes

So, what does this term ‘Turn Key’ mean, then? As we mentioned earlier, it’s generally the service we offer to our clients here. But of course, as with anything, it’s entirely up to the client as to what they want to get out of the project. A ‘Turn Key’ home is simply a process whereby the client doesn’t need to do anything to make their home complete – we see the project through from start to finish. Once the build is complete, all the client will need to do is turn the key and open the door!

What are the advantages of a Turn Key home?

  • Financial peace of mind – no hidden costs… once the house is complete, you won’t need to worry about additional costs to make your house a liveable home.
  • Less stress with the move – you can have peace of mind that everything will be ready for you and your family to move straight in.
  • No previous knowledge required – we can take care of planning and drawings for you.
  • Problems on site? Not your problem. We will be managing the site and overcoming any issues ourselves. It’s not on your back!
  • Don’t worry about paperwork – land permission, insurance and all these wonderful things are completely our responsibility. You don’t need to strain over paperwork when you opt for a Turn Key home.

Some of our previous self-build homes

There’s no point in us going on about the advantages of Self Build and Turn Key for too long. We understand that people appreciate visuals and this is particularly true when it comes to properties. Take a look at some of our previous self-build homes, which we think were a great success (and so did their owners!). The pictures speak for themselves…

Little Leigh home

Image credit – Jamie Knop

Here is a beautiful example of a self-build property which incorporates a timber frame, brick and block. These images show (quite nicely, we think) just how flexible self-build can be. We can go to town on your designs and your dreams can really become a reality if you choose the right builder for you.

The Woodlands

Here is another example of a fabulous self-build home. As you can see, this property is very different from the previous one but it’s just as visually striking. As we mentioned earlier, clients sometimes like to incorporate sustainability and additional concepts into their build. This is a great example of this – the Woodlands features solar panels, triple glazed windows and a bespoke staircase. In particular, the kitchen boasts off-the-floor casing for ovens and microwave which is a truly bespoke design.

This just shows how flexible and creative we can get with self-build homes! Don’t hesitate to contact us on 01829 730 244 or at for any enquiries on self-build and how we can help you to achieve your dream property.