A luxurious 6 bedroom Georgian home in the heart of Cheshire

What was your main reason for wanting a new build?

To be able to put our own stamp on the internal finishes and also to have some input into the build process such as tiling, kitchen which you are able to do with CB Homes.

What attracted you to this CB Homes House?

The fantastic village location of the plot, the design of the house both internal and external and the fact that it was within walking distance of local facilities.

What do you like most about the design of your house?

We like the fact that it is an individual home, it is not in amongst too many other properties with similar designs that you find on most new build estates yet it still integrates very well with the existing houses nearby. Also, the design of the house externally – for example it is a double fronted Georgian style house, we also love having a separate dining room and the flow of the kitchen is perfect.

It is the care and attention to details that we love; even the way some of the plaster walls upstairs curve around corners shows the level of attention and craftsmanship put into the design of the house.

Did you have any specific requirements, if so how were these met?

We asked for a waste disposal in the sink, some extra sockets in the bedrooms and dormer windows. We also wanted to choose different tiles in the bathroom/En-suite areas than the ones which were originally chosen. Also, we wanted a video link for the entry gates so we could see visitors. There were no issues in choosing these extras, CB Homes were happy to accommodate all of our requirements.

What was the buying process like for you?

The buying process was very good from start to finish. The communication was always there so if we ever had a query it was answered straight away and we were always kept informed of things that were happening along the way which was very good. CB Homes were very professional and clear about what was going to happen at each stage and they kept us updated along the build process about the completion and move in day.

How involved did you get during the build process?

Because the house was being built as we were buying it this meant we were able to make changes and additions. For example, the 5th/6th bedroom, we had a choice of having one large bedroom or two bedrooms so we chose to have two rooms so one could be used as a study. Again, CB Homes were always happy to accommodate our choice and changes and also make suggestions to us that suited our requirements.

How did you find the build process with CB Homes?

The build process went very well. We were given clear timeframes and were realistic, not pushed or rushed.

What is the best feature of your home?

Definitely the kitchen but also just the little things like the oak window seats set within the bay windows and in the Utility there is a boot bench and fitted coat racks where you can sit down to take off your footwear and hang your coat. It is the care and attention to details that we love; even the way some of the plaster walls upstairs curve around corners and are not just 90 degree corners show the level of attention and craftsmanship put into the design of the house. We also love the free-standing bath which we were not expecting and the little lights above it that shine down onto the texture tiles and also the lights going up the stairs which just finish the house off perfectly.

What were your high and low points of buying a new build?

The low points were when we lost the sale of our house twice so we were worried that we may lose this one so that was a bit traumatic. No other low points just a couple of niggles really for example the kitchen sink is a little too small for a kitchen this size and there are limited plug sockets on the landing so it is difficult to plug the hoover in. The high points are the house in general, the overall quality and level of attention put into the design.

What was the best buy on your new build?

The best buy would be the kitchen, not just the design but the quality of the oak units and the way it has been designed. For example we have a larder unit that is built into the wall so it does not protrude into your kitchen space and is all hidden We also love the woodburning stove which is really cosy.

What was your biggest extravagance?

The biggest extravagance or where we spent the most money was on the carpets. Having 3 floors obviously we had to buy a lot of carpet. We also had to buy a lot of extra bedroom furniture too for all the bedrooms. The patio was also an extravagance as we have had it extended out to make a much larger area for eating out and entertaining.

We absolutely love the house and the area is beautiful and we pinch ourselves every time we come home and realise how happy the house makes us and how lucky we are to have such a wonderful home.

What are your home running costs like?

In the first instance the running costs were a bit high especially the gas due to the fact that we had left the emersion heater on for a full month before we realised it didn’t need to be. Now we have a better understanding of how things work so the gas costs this winter will be cheaper. Electric running cost is as expected.

What are your ‘Top Tips’ for new home owners?

Top tips would be to do your homework of the area that you are moving to. Always look and drive around the area to see if there is any building going on as we found our house by accident as it was not listed on Rightmove as it was just outside the village we were looking at. Always read reviews of the housebuilder as you need trust and confidence in your chosen builder as moving is stressful enough.

Would you buy a CB Homes home again and why?

We would buy a CB Homes home again but as we are so happy here, we have no inclination to move but we would definitely recommend CB Homes without hesitation. Thank you CB Homes.

Key project facts

The Willows

A luxurious 6 bedroom Georgian home in the heart of Cheshire


Bunbury, Cheshire

Land Source

Garden plot of former estate house

Estimated Current Value


Floor Area

3181 sq.ft / 295m2



Completion Date

October 2018

Build Time

8 months

Build Route


Key Feature

Georgian style features large rooms, high ceilings, extra wide oak entrance door, windows set lower with integral window seats.

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