In the market for Christmas in Cheshire

In recent years festive Christmas markets have become a mainstay in the run up to Christmas. These tend to range from local arts and crafts markets, through to seasonal produce and of course, the ever-popular German and European markets.

Cheshire hosts a wonderful variety of Christmas markets, and there is something to suit everyone.

In recent years festive Christmas markets have become a mainstay in the run up to Christmas.  These tend to range from local arts and crafts markets, through to seasonal produce and of course, the ever-popular German and European markets.

Cheshire Christmas markets

Cheshire hosts a wonderful variety of these, and there is something to suit everyone. We have diarised a few of the main ones below:

  • Chester Christmas Market – From 30 November
  • Christmas at Reaseheath – 30 November
  • Hoole Christmas Market – 30 November
  • Knutsford Christmas Weekend – 30 November
  • Tatton Christmas Shopping Fair – 6-8 December
  • Frodsham Frost Fair – 7 December.

The following local attractions are also offering something a little special and a bit different this Christmas:

Tatton Park

Tatton Park, a National Trust property in Knutsford becomes a self-styled ‘magical Christmas Mansion themed with all of your favourite fairy tales and decorated with special lighting and stunning decorations’ this Christmas. There are Christmas events happening from the 26 November through to early January.

Arley Hall

Arley Hall and Gardens near Northwich has a special Christmas Floral Extravaganza, which runs from 30 November – 5 December. You can visit the Hall daily and see each room decorated with hundreds of fresh flowers and foliage from the Arley Gardens. The Chapel is also decorated, and local schools have been invited to each decorate a Christmas tree which will be on display in the Cruck Barn.  The Hall also has various Christmas events running throughout December from Candlelight and Carols through to festive wreath making.

Anderton Boat Lift

The famous Anderton Boat Lift is also offering you and your children the chance to visit Santa on a cruise along the River Weaver.  Santa and his helpers are planning on taking over the Edwin Clark trip boat every weekend this December, with storytelling, songs and a special present for each child!

Chester Zoo

The Lanterns at Chester Zoo has become an eagerly anticipated Christmas event. ‘Set off on The Great Christmas Expedition to discover exotic illuminated wildlife and animal characters in nine different fantastical worlds’.

These are just a few of the exciting Christmas markets and events happening in Cheshire throughout December.  You might know of others and we would love to hear about them.

How not to break the bank. Top tips on budgeting.

Many different concerns need to be considered when you begin to look at self-build projects. Setting your budget early on and sticking to it is easier said than done. If you have a self-build project in mind, we can help you manage the turnkey project, from land acquisition and planning permission, through to design and construction.

Bespoke homes to meet your requirements

One of the attractions of employing CB Homes to manage your project is that we offer a free, no obligation design meeting as part of our design consultation. This can begin the creative process towards making your home a real project. You’ll have the option to design your self-build to your own specific concept, working with our design team, or choose from one of our signature designs. If you have a specific budget in mind, we can tailor the design to your vision, to make the most out of your investment. Your personalised plans will be prepared with a fixed-fee quote.

Managing the planning process

Gaining planning permission is one of the key hurdles in self-build developments. You know what your dream home would look like, but does the local planning authority agree? Is it in keeping with the surrounding area, or does it adhere to any conservation area stipulations or limitations on size and style? Again, your allotted budget is a vital part of this process. As part of your bespoke self-build package with us, all planning submission documentation is prepared and submitted by CB Homes. We’ll also manage your application, and any appeals or modifications this entails, through to the planning authority’s final decision. We are proud of our planning credentials and have built long-standing and reliable relationships with local authorities in the region.

In case of emergency

Keep an eye on your budget at every stage of the planning, design and building of your project. Making the most of your available budget will ensure that you won’t overspend later. However, it’s also worth having contingency funds, in case of delays or unseen challenges which arise, outside the parameters of good planning. CB Homes can help you budget realistically and make sure that every penny can be seen in the ‘final product’ design of your project.  

If you would like to discuss what sort of budget would make your turnkey project a success, then email or calls us today or visit our website and try out our cost calculator.

What makes the perfect plot for self-build?

If you have ambitions to develop land by building a property on it, when it comes to finding the perfect plot, it’s important that you bear some simple rules in mind. Sometimes the plot can already have development approval and planning permission in place. While others will simply be a plot of land, a blank slate with development potential.

Planning for the future

If the plot has planning permission already granted, make sure that the plot is available for residential development. Residential plots tend to go for the highest prices. They will often have a better standard of infrastructure.  This makes it easier for the property to be incorporated into the wider network of services and amenities – for example the sewer system. In a more isolated rural location, the land prices might be cheaper. However, a development may have to have its own septic tank for wastewater disposal, rather than be part of an integrated drain system.

Nowadays, essential services such as broadband and Wi-Fi are also important to daily life.  The availability of these services can have a real impact on the appeal of living in remote county locations. Even if it’s not required for working from home, then it’s a crucial part of recreational home life. Services such as streaming are now part of many families’ entertainment menu. 

Where are you?

It’s a cliché, but location is everything when it comes to buying a plot. The logistics of carrying out the work, the site’s accessibility and locality to building suppliers all feed into the budget and need to be taken into account. They will also be reflected in the asking price for the plot in the first instance.

The perfect square footage is dependent on budget and requirements. One aspect of modern housebuilding that does seem to be at a premium is garden space. Most people would like a decent-sized garden and off-road parking.  However, when it comes to making the most of a plot, this is sometimes seen as a waste of valuable land resource.  However, landscaping, garaging and outside space can make all the difference when it comes to making the most of a development opportunity.  Getting the balance right between indoors and outdoors is absolutely essential.

Investigating the possibilities for a perfect plot

If you’re on the lookout for a specific location and type of building plot, scour the local listings of land for sale. Alternatively, make enquiries about parcels of land that are not being used or buildings that have fallen into disrepair. Sometimes a bit of investigative work can pay dividends. There are also many online land-finding services, such as, or even on online marketplaces such as 

If would like to explore the options regarding land purchase and development, get in touch with CB Homes today and make your self-build dreams a reality.